terms and conditions

Transaction terms

This Agreement sets out the account of the customer of Blue Dragon LCC, (BDFX), a company registered with Company Number (1438 LLC2021) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and the terms and conditions governing all contracts and other transactions with BDFX in this account. I will decide. In this agreement, the signed customer is referred to as the "customer".

1.Application form

The terms of this Agreement can be found on the BDFX website (www.bd-fx.com). If you agree to these terms and wish to use the services provided by BDFX, please click the I Agree button. This Agreement is a binding agreement between you and us, with additional rules, policies and disclaimers published on our website (www.bd-fx.com) or otherwise informing you. This Agreement is a "customer-signed document" in accordance with applicable law or regulation. This Agreement may be modified by us by posting a revised Competitive Agreement on our website without prior notice. Any breach of this Agreement may result in the termination of your account with us.

BDFX's online trading facility may not be used for that purpose in any jurisdiction where offers and / or solicitations are not permitted, and for the purposes of offers and / or solicitations to anyone for whom it is not permitted. It cannot be used. Nor may it be used for the purpose of offering and / or soliciting to anyone for whom it is illegal to make such an offer and / or solicitation.

Access to and / or use of BDFX's online trading facilities and the provision of financial contracts through BDFX's online trading facilities may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. Therefore, users accessing our online trading facilities must obtain the information themselves and comply with such restrictions.

2.Services to be provided

Hijacking the terms and conditions of this Agreement and your BDFX Account Opening Application Agreement, BDFX will maintain your account in your name and with you and for you in the over-the-counter foreign currency (forex) and spot-based CFD markets. We will conduct cash settlement transactions, negotiate electronic transactions between our customers, and provide other services and products that BDFX may make at its own discretion in the future. Unless otherwise stated in writing, all contracts and other transactions entered into between BDFX and you are subject to the terms of this Customer Agreement, which may be amended from time to time (including BDFX transaction policies and procedures). You and shall.

3.Display and warranty

As of the date of the conclusion of this Agreement, the dates of other transactions in each Agreement and your account, as well as the BDFX Risk Disclosure or Transaction Policy and Procedures have been amended, updated, or amended, and you may contact BDFX. The following is displayed and warranted and the following agreement is made for BDFX:

4. Transaction

In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including the applicable annexes to this document and the annex to your account application, follow the instructions of the BDFX online trading system or your telephone to the BDFX Trading Desk. In contrast, you empower BDFX to buy and sell in-kind and cash-settled foreign exchange contracts and other contracts for difference (CFD) in your account.
You may receive electronic, verbal, or written instructions (order) to BDFX from a person who believes that BDFX has been authorized by the customer at its sole discretion and instructions that match your password and account number received electronically. I agree to take responsibility for (including). If your account is called a joint account, BDFX is empowered to act according to the instructions of one owner without asking any further questions regarding the transaction of the account and the disposal of any asset in the account. increase.
Ask BDFX further questions about such appearance agency rights that BDFX did or could not, relying on such instructions, or trusting such person's appearance agency rights. We are not responsible and we are not responsible for the consequences of any action.

5. Margin requirements

You shall provide and maintain a margin to BDFX in cash or in any other form, within the limits of the amount BDFX asks at any time in its sole discretion. Margin requirements for your account under BDFX's control are (x) whenever your margin balance is less than the BDFX's minimum margin requirement applicable to that account, and (y) BDFX alone. At our discretion, whenever we believe it is wise to do so, it may change at any time without prior notice to you and may require additional margins (“margin calls”). BDFX may liquidate your account at any time in accordance with Section 8. BDFX will notify you to (x) ensure that the margins you deposit are equal to or greater than the required margins and (y) meet your obligations to pay BDFX, including fees, fees and expenses for your account. You can withdraw funds from your account without having to.

6. Collateral contract

(i) Debts or other obligations under any account, contract, or other transaction with BDFX, or (ii) Customer's warranty for any account, contract, or other transaction with BDFX. To ensure that you have any obligations or other obligations to BDFX, including obligations or other obligations, you may, in accordance with this document, contact BDFX, (i) All of your BDFX accounts, ( ii) All contracts, cash, securities, and other assets in your BDFX account or any contracts you supply or otherwise provide to secure your obligations or other obligations to BDFX. , Cash, securities, and other assets, or all contracts, cash, securities, and other assets owned or controlled by BDFX (including collateral), (iii) all of the above mentioned goods and prices ((iii) i), (ii) and (iii) are collectively referred to as "security"), and the security and offset rights are transferred, and the security is offered and provided. From time to time, at BDFX's sole discretion, such obligations or other obligations to the account, in addition to the account holding or generating cash, contracts, securities, or other assets, without prior request or notice. Despite the occurrence, BDFX may apply any or all cash to such debt or other obligations (or buy or sell contracts, securities, or other assets and pay for them). .. BDFX sells, pledges, doubles, transfers, invests, lump sums, and holds collateral that it holds independently of any claim or right to the customer, such as the customer's equity or right to repurchase. Right to other uses (including use of contracts as collateral for financing BDFX) and Blue You reserve the right to register collateral in the name of Dragon, Customer, or any other holder. If BDFX fails to enforce the rights in this document, BDFX shall not be deemed to waive those rights in the future. BDFX has an irrevocable appointment on behalf of you and is required or necessary to execute, deliver and notify you without notifying you and to prove or protect your interests in BDFX's collateral. You are empowered to act on your behalf, including the execution, payment and filing of financial statements that BDFX'considers desirable. At any time, if the collateral deemed acceptable by BDFX (“eligible collateral”) is less than your obligations or other obligations to BDFX, such as the obligation to provide margins in accordance with Section 5 of this document. You shall pay all such shortfalls immediately upon request.

7. Settlement date. Roll over. Delivery

If a physical delivery transaction is to take place, BDFX must be instructed to clear the open position at least two business days before the value date. If you do not instruct BDFX to deliver, offset or roll over an open position, BDFX is at BDFX's sole discretion and at your risk, all or part of the open position in your account. Can be given the authority to hand over and roll over or offset. Foreign currency deliveries are made to designated banks by purchasers in major cities of the country where the foreign currency is legal tender. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between BDFX and the customer, foreign currency may be delivered by wire transfer. BDFX may require you to pay BDFX an unpaid amount before 12:30 GMT on any day and before paying BDFX's unpaid amount and payment to you on that day. BDFX and you shall exchange, use, and regularly update and review ongoing payment instructions. BDFX must have sufficient funds or required delivery documents to receive it. If BDFX does not receive instructions, funds, and documents by the stipulated time, BDFX will not notify you in its sole discretion, offset your open position and move your open position to the next. You may roll over to the closing date or, at your sole discretion, deliver or receive delivery on your behalf, under the conditions and methods that BDFX deems reasonable. Delivery, offset, or rollover of your open position may vary from customer to customer with respect to the current balance of your account.

8. Balance clearing and negative balance

BDFX says that (a) if there is a reason for default, (b) the margin is insufficient, or the collateral deposited to protect your account is insufficient to protect your account, regardless of the current market price. In the event of any judgment, or (c) in any other situation or development that BDFX deems appropriate for protection in its sole discretion, BDFX may, in its sole discretion, one or more of the following actions: Or you can do any part. (1) Reimbursement (directly or by guarantee or guarantee contract) of any liability you may owe to BDFX from your funds or property under the protection, supervision or control of BDFX, (2) either contract Or sell or purchase all contracts, any securities, or other assets held or managed for you, and (3) unfilled orders, unfilled contracts, placed by you or on your behalf. Cancel any or all of the other transactions or other commitments. No margin or additional margin required, prior notice of sale or other notice to you, your statutory agent, heir, executor, caretaker, trustee, beneficiary, successor, or transferee Instead, each of the above actions may be taken regardless of whether the equity is independent or shared with others. Prior demand or notice for sale shall not be deemed to have waived BDFX's right to buy or sell at any time in the future without demand or notice, as described above. When clearing your long and short positions, BDFX may, at its sole discretion, offset at the same clearing, or at BDFX's sole discretion, to protect or reduce existing positions in your account. You can start a new long or short position to secure the spread or straddle that you think is desirable. Blue At Dragon's discretion, such businesses are then sold at their own discretion, or at auction or bilateral trading, against the interbank over-the-counter market, where they are typically conducted, and BDFX has the right to bailout. You can buy all or part of it without. If such a deficit is the result of a mark-to-market after a weekend or holiday, you are only responsible for paying the negative balance of your account at the request of BDFX. In such a case, if BDFX or the customer performs all or part of the liquidation, the customer shall be liable for the deficit remaining in the customer's account. If the profit realized in accordance with the liquidation cannot pay all of the customer's debt payable to BDFX, it will be permitted at the major banks of BDFX at a rate equivalent to 3 percentage points higher than the prevailing prime rate at that time or by law. At the lower of the prime rate, along with your other deficits and all outstanding debt, including all execution and collection costs, such as deficit and interest on debt, you will do so if requested. The full amount of the deficit shall be paid immediately.
If BDFX bears any costs other than collecting the deficit with respect to your account, you agree to pay such costs.

9. Cost

BDFX does not charge transaction fees if: BDFX will be compensated for the service through bid / ask spreads and / or fees. BDFX may charge incidental banking-related costs, such as wire charges for deposits and withdrawals and return check costs. BDFX reserves the right to change the pricing structure at any time without notice. When BDFX holds a trading council between you, BDFX may charge participants for such a trading council. Fees are levied by interbank agencies, banks, contracts, markets, or other regulatory or self-regulatory agencies and result from BDFX's provision of services in accordance with these provisions for statement fees, order cancellation fees, transfer fees, etc. Telephone ordering fees etc. are not currently included, but may be included in the future. Customers may incur additional costs to purchase the optional value-added services provided by BDFX. Additional fees or spread markup can be applied to your trading account by an intermediary broker or fund manager.

10. Refunds and withdrawals

We reserve the right to impose withdrawal restrictions and withdrawal fees within our system at all times.

At the time of submitting the withdrawal request, the documents will be in accordance with the applicable "Money Laundering Countermeasures (" AML ") and Customer Familiarity (" KYC ") Bills" and / or other similar rules and regulations applicable to us. You may be required to submit. When making a withdrawal or refund, we reserve the right to transfer such funds to the same sender using the same payment method we initially received (although under any circumstances). There is no obligation to do it).
In that regard, we, in our sole discretion, (a) reject the withdrawal using a particular payment method and (b) request another payment method as the method indicated in the withdrawal request, in which case a new payment method You may be required to submit a withdrawal request and / or (c) the applicable "Money Laundering Countermeasures (" AML ") and Customer Familiarity (" KYC ") Bill" and / or before proceeding with the withdrawal request. Or reserve the right to request further documentation as required by other similar rules and regulations applicable to us.

If we are unable to transfer funds, or part of it, to the same sender, or if we are unable to transfer the transfer in the same way as the original transfer method we received, we will choose at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to transfer funds in a currency that we deem appropriate (regardless of the currency of the original deposit), using an alternative payment method (although it is not obligatory under any circumstances). ). In this situation, we shall not be liable for transfer fees, fees charged by the recipient, and / or exchange rates resulting from the payment of such amounts.

Withdrawal requests received and approved by us in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement will, in principle, be processed within one business day of receipt of the withdrawal request instructions. When the transfer request process is completed, the balance will be reduced by the amount transferred from the related account used for the transfer. We will either decline the withdrawal request if (a) the request does not comply with the provisions of this section or (b) postpone the request processing if we are dissatisfied with the annexes submitted with the withdrawal request. I reserve that.

If you request us, you agree to pay the transfer fee incurred when you withdraw funds from your account or when we refund to your designated bank account. You are solely responsible for the payment statement you provide to us, and if the payment statement you provide to us is incorrect and incomplete, we will fund you. We are not responsible for it. It is also understood that we are not responsible for any funds that are not deposited directly into our bank account.

11. Grievance procedure

As part of our commitment to provide the best service to our customers, we provide effective, transparent and expeditious grievance methods for our existing retail and prospects, with applicable laws, rules and / or regulations. We keep records of complaints and how to resolve complaints.
We will endeavor to handle your complaints in an immediate and efficient manner. We will follow the steps outlined below to resolve your complaint within a period of 30 business days (if possible). Depending on the facts and the nature of the complaint, some complaints can be resolved quickly. If your complaint is complex and takes more than 30 business days to resolve, we will tell you the reason for the delay.

If there are any complaints, discords, or differences between us and you, you must respond in accordance with the grievance procedures set out in this document, and there are any complaints, discords, or differences between us and you. If so, you agree that we reserve the right to resolve the complaints in accordance with the grievance procedures set forth in this document.

How to file a complaint

Complaint monitoring

It keeps a detailed record of each complaint and maintains an internal register of complaints that keeps all relevant information and progress about each complaint.

12. Intercession broker

If your account is referred to BDFX by an agency broker (“IB”), you will pay the agency broker (IB) your referral fee to BDFX and such fees will be per transaction or Understand and approve what other standards can do. The following is the assignment of responsibilities for each entity. It is a general disclosure and does not endeavor to enumerate all responsibilities in the end. The Agency Broker (IB) shall be responsible for your account as follows:

  1. Opening, approving, and operating your account, including the acquisition and verification of new account information, as required by law.
  2. Keep account records for you.
  3. Underwriting and executing transactions in your account.
  4. Margin determination, open position rollover, borrowing position clearing, and double collateral supervision of funds in your account.
  5. Deduct fees or charges for IB or other third parties from your account.
  6. Electronically create and send statement statements to customers once a month and, where appropriate, quarterly.
  7. Respond to questions or complaints about your account.

13. Americans and Residents

According to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulations on Forex trading, BDFX does not open accounts for US citizens and residents.

14. Transaction confirmation

Online transactions can be confirmed online at the time of transaction, and transactions initiated by phone can be confirmed online verbally by 21:30 (GMT) on the execution date. The order confirmation report and the statement on your account shall be deemed correct and (x) 2 business days after being sent to you by postal mail, or (y) for orders confirmed via the BDFX online trading system. In the event that it becomes deterministic and detains you immediately, at the earliest of the two. You may challenge the confirmation and statement over the phone within the time frame specified above, but such objections will then be emailed to BDFX's info@bd-fx.com within two business days. You will need to send an email to confirm in writing. (This confirmation shall only be deemed to have been received if it was actually served or mailed by registered mail with a certificate of delivery addressed to the location of BDFX). If there is no objection, all actions taken by BDFX or the BDFX Agent shall be deemed to have been approved by you before you receive such a report. Failure to receive a transaction confirmation will not remove your obligation to the goals set out in this Agreement. You agree to immediately provide the information verbally and draw the attention of BDFX if you have any reason to be confident that it does not match your information. Whether it is in your interests or causes a loss, the error will be corrected, and if no error occurs, your account will be in the same state as it was. You understand, approve, and agree that deposits and withdrawals will be made to.

15. Communication

Reports, statements, notifications, and other communications from BDFX can be sent to you by placing them on the BDFX website. Or (y) will be sent by mail or other delivery service to your address as reflected in BDFX's records. You shall notify BDFX immediately if your address changes by emailing info@bd-fx.com, by mail to BDFX or by using other delivery services. All communications sent by BDFX are valid when posted by BDFX by mail or other delivery service, or when received by a sending agent (such as an internet service provider) for sending to you. It is considered as. It doesn't matter if you actually received it. All communications you send will not be considered valid until BDFX accepts them.

16. BDFX Responsibility

Whether it belongs to BDFX, customers, markets, or payment or clearing systems, BDFX is responsible for civil wars, wars, internal disturbances, international interference, government actions (exchange restrictions, property confiscation, nationalization, devaluation, etc.) Claims, losses, damages, expenses, etc.) such as attorney's fees due to natural disasters, natural disasters, market conditions, inability to communicate with stakeholders, or delays, interruptions, defaults, or malfunctions of transmission systems, communication systems, or computer equipment. We are not liable to you for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses, including costs, including attorney's fees caused directly or indirectly by events, actions, or omissions.

17. Intellectual property and confidentiality

All copyrights, registered trademarks, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights in the BDFX online trading system (the "trading system") are always the exclusive property of BDFX and / or third-party service providers. As provided in this Agreement, you shall not have any rights or interests in the Trading System, except for the right to access and use the Trading System. You acknowledge that the trading system is confidential and has been developed with considerable skill, time, effort and money. You grant access to the trading system and retain the confidentiality of BDFX and / or third party service providers only when employees and agents need access. You will not disclose, distribute, or otherwise use the information obtained from or in connection with the trading system to third parties. You do not copy, modify, decompile, reverse engineer, or derivative works in the trading system or the way the system operates.

18. Compensation

You will indemnify you for any of your statements and indemnifications that may (i) fail you to fulfill the obligations set forth in this Agreement in a complete and timely manner, and (ii) may always be false and inaccurate, and all liability. I agree that I will not inflict any damage or loss on BDFX, its affiliates, employees, agents, successors and transferees, including attorneys' fees incurred by BDFX due to claims, losses, damages, expenses or expenses. .. You may also immediately contact BDFX with this Agreement, any agreement and any other transaction under this Agreement, the implementation of any other agreement between BDFX and you, and subject to this Agreement. You agree to pay any claim, loss, damage, expense or expense, including attorney's fees incurred by BDFX in collecting the amount.

19. Disclosure of customer information

BDFX is an employee, agent, partner and associate in accordance with the BDFX Privacy Policy, as required by the normal BDFX operating process on your behalf, including BDFX banking or credit operations. We do not share or sell information about you and / or prospects, except to share or sell with. BDFX may disclose information about you and your transactions to federal or state regulators and operating authorities in response to requests for information or in response to court orders or subpoenas.

20. Joint account and / or trust account

If more than one natural person fulfills this Agreement as a Customer, I agree that all of these Natural Persons will be jointly and severally liable for the obligations envisioned in this Agreement. If a trust, non-corporate association, union, custodian, or other trustee fulfills this Agreement, such customers shall comply with this Agreement with the Trustee, similar responsibilities and obligations, including attorney's fees. Exempts BDFX from liability, claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses, including attorney's fees directly or indirectly due to any breach or allegation related to it, protects BDFX, and causes damage to BDFX. I agree not to give it.

21. Amendment

You understand, approve, and agree that BDFX may amend or change this Agreement at any time. BDFX will notify you of any amendments or changes by posting such amendment or change notices to you on its website or by emailing you a message. You may apply to the terms and conditions of such amendments or changes 10 days after (x) BDFX posts such amendments or changes on the Corporate Website or (y) the ordering date other than the clearing order, whichever comes first. I agree to be detained. If you object to such changes or amendments, liquidate your open position within 10 business days after the amendments or changes are posted on the corporate website and all assets in your account. You agree to instruct BDFX about the disposal of. No waiver or amendment of this Agreement may be made due to the transaction process between the parties or because BDFX or its agents have failed to claim any rights under this Agreement on any occasion or in a series of occasions. Opposition verbal consent or instruction shall not be deemed feasible.

22. Finish

This Agreement shall survive and be in effect until it is terminated by you or BDFX. You do not have an Open Foreign Currency Position or Open CFD Position, you have no debt held by BDFX or any debt to BDFX, and (ii) you email BDFX's info@bd-fx.com to Blue. You may terminate this Agreement if you provide Dragon with a written notice three days in advance and (iii) BDFX accepts the notice as provided in Section 14 of this Agreement. BDFX may terminate this Agreement at any time at its sole discretion and will become effective at the end of working hours on the day the notice is sent to you. Termination by either party will not affect any previously entered into contract or transaction, neither party will be released from the obligations set forth in this Agreement, nor will you be released from the obligations arising from the deficit.

23. Complete agreement

This Agreement, along with your account, includes a complete agreement between BDFX and you that replaces any written and verbal pre-contract.

24. Record

Any conversation between you and the BDFX President, Agent, Employee, or Associate, including the BDFX Trading Desk and Customer Service and Operations Desk, is at BDFX's choice and sole discretion. I confirm and agree that it may be recorded electronically, whether or not it is used.
You further agree to use such records and their copies as evidence by either party in connection with the dispute or the preceding paragraph that may arise with you or the BDFX.

25. Binding force

This Agreement is for all of our customers who open or reopen at any time, on an ongoing, individual and collective basis, despite changes in BDFX's successors, assignees, or assignees from time to time. It is intended for BDFX accounts. This Agreement shall be effective in the interests of BDFX, its successors, and assigns, including all authorizations, whether merged, joint, or otherwise, and shall be effective for you and / or yours. You shall be binding on personality representatives, heirs, executors, caretakers, trustees, beneficiaries, heritage beneficiaries, statutory agents, successors, and assigns.

26. Law and jurisdiction. Separability

This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, without any conflict of law that would prevent or prevent the application of this provision. With respect to any action, proceeding, or action (“litigation”) related to this Agreement, you may refer to (i) the exclusive courts of competent jurisdiction located in St. Vincent and the Glenadeen Islands, (ii) (decree) on non-withdrawal conditions. If it is feasible (with prepaid postage) to the address specified on the BDFX website or updated as set forth in Section 14 of this Agreement by service by written mail or proof of delivery. Consent to service of the proceedings relating to the proceedings by sending a copy of the proceedings to the other party (iii) Disclaiming any objection to establishing a jurisdiction to bring any proceedings that may occur to such courts and waiving such claims And abandon the claims that result in such proceedings in an inconvenient court, (iv) agree to initiate the proceedings within one year of the occurrence of the cause of such proceedings, and (v) The court further waives the right to object to such proceedings without jurisdiction over such parties.

27. Ability

BDFX is registered and incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and trades in accordance with the International Business Companies Act.

28. Fund transfer authority

You may, at any time, at BDFX's sole discretion, personalize your BDFX account to your other account (regardless of whether it is a BDFX account or an account held by another approved financial institution). I agree to apply or transfer your contract, currency, securities, or other assets that you hold or hold jointly with others to another account.

I agree to send the statement of accounts electronically

Security interest use agreement for the purpose of transferring funds

You agree to receive your statement of accounts (monthly and daily statements) online through this Agreement. BDFX will provide you with a password to provide protected access to your online reports. Customers can create daily, monthly, and annual bank statements showing trading activities, income statements, open positions, margin balances, account assets and liabilities, and more. The statement is considered to have been received when BDFX made it available to you. It doesn't matter if the customer actually accessed the statement. You are responsible for alerting BDFX about changing your email address. This consent will remain in effect until you withdraw in writing and receive the BDFX in accordance with Section 15 of this Customer Agreement. You may, at any time, at BDFX's sole discretion, personalize your BDFX account to your other account (regardless of whether it is a BDFX account or an account held by another approved financial institution). I agree to apply or transfer your contract, currency, securities, or other assets that you hold or hold jointly with others to another account. The customer uses the contract as loan collateral for BDFX as stipulated in the customer contract (including Article 6 of the contract) for BDFX, and sells the collateral held by BDFX, including additional collateral processing. , Empowers to pledge collateral, double collateral, transfer, invest, lump sum collateral, and other uses. If your account consists of multiple accounts, this permission shall apply to all of BDFX's customer accounts. This collateral agreement remains valid as long as your BDFX account remains open or you have any obligation to BDFX under your customer agreement.

Transaction policies and procedures

1. First of all.

BDFX trading policies and procedures are an integral part of customer contracts. Before placing any buy or sell order, you are responsible for carefully reading this trading policy and procedure from the customer's point of view and letting BDFX know if you have any questions or objections regarding the policy or procedure. When you place a buy or sell order with BDFX, you agree, represent, warrant, and certify that you understand and approve this Trading Policy and Procedure, as set forth in this document, as BDFX makes any amendments at its sole discretion. However, you agree to comply with these trading policies and procedures that are in effect at any time.

2. Trading hours.

All BDFX trading time references are in Greenwich Mean Time (“GMT”” in 24-hour format. BDFX is available on the website from Sunday 21:00 (GMT) to Friday 21:00 (GMT). While providing access to foreign exchange transactions at, BDFX reserves the right to suspend or change trading hours at any time, and in such cases, we will do our utmost in advance to our customers. Provides information on change criteria during operating hours. OTC Foreign Currency operates 24 hours a day. After placing a trading order, all orders and execution confirmations and customer's It is your sole responsibility to keep other communications related to your BDFX account available, so you should monitor your account frequently when you have an open position in your account.

3. Customer account, initial deposit amount, demo trading system

  1. documents. Before placing an order with BDFX, you must complete your account application and read our customer agreement, including Risk Disclosure, Secondary Risk Disclosure, this Transaction Policy and Procedure, and all applicable agendas. You need to deposit enough funds into your account.
  2. Currency for payment accounts. Initial deposits to your trading account will be accepted in the major currencies we approve. All balances are calculated and reported in the currency of your account.
  3. Recognition of deposit. Deposits shall only be fully paid by wire transfer or check and recognized by BDFX's bank or depository institution. You will be notified by email when BDFX receives the funds and makes them available for trading.
  4. Commission. Bank charges will be charged to your account at the direction of BDFX.

4. Margin requirements.

You shall provide and maintain Margins on BDFX in the amount and format required by BDFX at its discretion. BDFX does not require you to pay the full amount of the foreign currency you buy or sell. Instead, you will be required to pay a small percentage of the total amount you are obliged to pay to BDFX under the contract. To fulfill your obligations to the BDFX Margin, (i) Opening Margin Requirements, (ii) Minimum Margin Requirements, (iii) Open Position Market Prices, and (iv) BDFX require at their sole discretion. Must include the required margin for open positions that we believe is reasonable. Customers must always maintain the minimum margin requirements in open positions. According to Section 6 of this Agreement, BDFX has the right to liquidate some or all of its open positions whenever the minimum margin requirements cannot be maintained. Margin requirements are subject to change at any time, at BDFX's sole discretion, without prior notice. It is assumed that none of the previous margin requirements cannot be increased by BDFX without prior notice. BDFX may, in its sole discretion, decide to impose a limit on the maximum number of open positions allowed at any time, either on a disclosure basis or on a non-disclosure basis.

5. Clearing level.

In accordance with all of BDFX's additional rights under the Customer Agreement, at BDFX's sole discretion, a previous margin call will be issued in accordance with BDFX's reasonable best estimate for the then dominant and available market spot rate. At any time, whether or not it has been met, BDFX has the right to liquidate some or all of all open positions in your account if the total margin balance is less than or equal to the minimum margin requirement for your account. However, this settlement is not obligatory. You are responsible for placing your own loss cut orders to minimize losses. If BDFX fails to enforce the rights in this document, BDFX shall not be deemed to waive those rights in the future.

6. Margin call.

BDFX does not make margin calls in normal business. As mentioned above, BDFX reserves the right to liquidate your position. However, from time to time, BDFX will, at its discretion, call on you to request additional collateral in your account to ensure your account balance as well as your obligations to BDFX. Failure to exercise your right to liquidate your position and requesting additional margins shall not be considered a precedent for future demand or waiver of such liquidation rights by BDFX.

7. Withdrawal.

If you wish to withdraw from your account, you must either make an electronic withdrawal request to BDFX or submit a written form signed by all required account holders. The withdrawal request form requires at least two business days from receipt of the withdrawal request to issue a check or wire transfer funds.

Second Risk Disclosure: High Risk Investment

Transactions are speculative and risky. Forex trading (FX trading) and CFD trading are extremely speculative, understanding and willing to (a) include economic, legal and other risks, and (b) margin or entry. Only suitable for customers who have the financial resources to undertake losses that significantly exceed the amount. Customers understand the above risks, are willing to take risks in Forex trading and CFD trading, have the financial resources to do so, and even if they lose all their account balances, their lifestyle will not change. We express, warrant, and agree. Adopting high leverage and low margins in relation to forex transactions can result in huge losses due to price changes in forex, CFD and cross-currency contracts. Corporate Margin Policy may require you to provide additional funding to ensure that your account has an appropriate margin, and you must immediately meet such margin requirements. Failure to maintain the minimum margin requirements will result in the opening position being liquidated and the customer may incur losses as a result.

FX and other CDFs are over-the-counter markets, and foreign currency transactions that you enter into are not closed on the exchange. The market maker, BDFX, is the counterparty to this transaction, so you are the buyer when you sell and the seller when you buy. As a result, BDFX's interests may conflict with your interests. Unless otherwise specified in your written agreement or other document, BDFX will set a price for you to do business with you. The offer price may not be the highest price available and may be offered to another customer at a different price. Please be aware that if BDFX chooses not to handle its trading exposures, it may benefit BDFX if the market is at your disadvantage. In addition, as BDFX is a buyer or seller in a transaction, please carefully evaluate the transaction recommendations received from BDFX or its sales representatives.

8. Illegal trading technology:

Arbitrage format (including risk-free profits, etc.), abuse (showing participants are not seriously interested in market transactions and / or trading market risks, and the sole purpose of the participants is to obtain financial benefits. Proposals or implications for internal hedging, fraud, market manipulation, cashback arbitrage, or other forms of fraud in conjunction with other parties (including participants' trading activity patterns, etc.) are BDFX's sole. At our discretion, it will be all transactions executed and / or profits and losses earned. In this situation, we reserve the right (temporarily or permanently) to close / suspend your trading account and / or cancel all transactions. Such falsehoods are detected by BDFX's fraud prevention tools. Disputes arising out of such fraudulent and / or fraudulent trading activities will be resolved in a manner that we consider to be fairest to all involved, in our sole and sole discretion. The decision shall be final and / or binding on all participants. No communication is performed.

This is a legally binding contract.
Do not approve all of the above provisions until you have read them carefully and thoroughly. Also, please fill in your account application.

Upon accepting these terms and conditions, the customer will carefully review the entire customer contract, fund transfer authority, electronic statement consent, collateral use agreement, risk disclosure, second risk disclosure (high risk investment) transaction policy and procedure. You acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to all the provisions contained therein.

By accepting the above terms and conditions, you also represent, warrant, and warrant that the information you provide in your account application is correct and complete.