account opening

What do I need to submit?
You will need two items, an "identification document with a photo of your face" and an "address certificate".

● Please register the following documents from My Page.

・Driver's license

Address verification documents
・Utility bills
・Credit card company and mobile phone company bills
・National health insurance within the expiration date Health insurance card, etc.
・Others [Documents with the registrant's name and address], etc.
 *Documents different from those presented on the ID card
*Address confirmation documents will be issued within 3 months. Please be careful.
How long does it take to open an account?
It takes about 5 minutes to open a trading account.
Can I open a corporate account?
You can also open a corporate account. Please select a corporate account when you register.
Can I hold multiple accounts?
Each user is allowed to have one account and up to 10 accounts in the same account.
Is there no charge for opening an account?
There are no account opening fees or account maintenance fees.
Can I open an account even if I live overseas?
You can open an account even if you live overseas. (There are some countries and regions where it is not possible to open an account.)
What is the best email address to register?
Please register with an email address other than your communication carrier's email address (docomo, au, Softbank) that allows you to receive email on your PC (Google, Yahoo, etc.).
What is the process after opening an account?
The flow after opening an account is as follows.

1.The flow after opening an account is as follows.
Please log in to My Page from the URL in the email that is automatically sent to you after new registration to activate your My Page account.

2.Download MT5
Install MT5 on your PC or smart phone.
*The download URL will be included in the email when you open your account.

3.Login to MT5
Please use the login information provided in the registration email to log in.

Please log in to My Page and go to the Deposit page to deposit funds for trading.

Once you have completed the above, you can start the transaction.

Deposit and withdrawal related

How can I make a deposit?
1.Please log in to My Page.。
2.Please go to the "Deposit and Withdrawal" page to proceed to the deposit procedure page.
3.Please send the amount you wish to deposit to the designated bank account.

The money will be reflected in your MT5 account as soon as your remittance is confirmed.
If you do not see your funds reflected after 2 business days, please contact our customer support.
How do I make a withdrawal?
1.Please log in to My Page.
2.Please register your bank account information for withdrawals in advance by clicking "Register Withdrawal Address".
3.Go to the "Deposit and Withdrawal" page and proceed to the withdrawal procedure page.

If there are no problems, the withdrawal will be processed within 5 business days.
If you are unable to confirm your withdrawal after 5 business days, please contact our customer support.
How much is the fee for withdrawing funds to my bank account?
There is no withdrawal fee for up to one withdrawal per month; after the second withdrawal, a withdrawal fee of 30 dollars will be charged.
Is there a limit to the number of withdrawals per year or per month?
There is no limit to the number of withdrawals.
Can I register multiple bank accounts to receive withdrawals?
You can only register one bank account for withdrawals. Please be sure to register a bank account in your own name.
I made a deposit today, but has it been reflected yet?
In principle, the funds will be applied to your account within two business days after confirmation of receipt.
If you do not enter your account number in the account holder field, it may take some time for your payment to be reflected.
Can I withdraw a portion of my profits while holding a position?
Withdrawals cannot be made while holding a position. If you are holding a position, please be sure to place a settlement order to eliminate your position before requesting a withdrawal.
What is the minimum amount of money I need to deposit into my trading account?
There is no minimum deposit.
Where can I confirm that my payment has been received?
You can check your balance on your My Page or in the "Transactions" tab of the MT5 terminal window.
Minimum withdrawal amount
The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 dollars.


What is the maximum trading volume for a single order?
The maximum trading volume for a single order (one ticket) is 100 lots.
Is there a possibility that I will lose more than the amount I deposited?
If your account balance becomes negative, we will take a zero cut, so you will not lose more than the amount you have deposited.
Can I hold both positions?
There are no particular restrictions on double-denomination. Please feel free to trade with us.
Is there a leverage limit?
As a general rule, the value is fixed at 200 times regardless of the amount of funds under management.


What is the LPOA document?
LPOA is a limited power of attorney, which is a document stating that you have delegated to a third party the procedures for certain matters that should normally be done by you. In this case, it refers to a power of attorney for foreign exchange margin trading.

If you wish to outsource your operations to MAM, you will need approval from the LPOA.

Change registration information

Is it possible to change my registered e-mail address?
This can be done by requesting a change from your current email address to our support.
Can I change my password?
You can make changes from your own My Page.

Partner System

What are the eligibility criteria for affiliate commissions (IB commissions)?
Affiliate commissions (IB commissions) will be paid on all trades of the pair for which you set the commission. There is no limit to the amount of time you can hold the account.

I want to register for IB.
Please register on the "My Page" page, and then apply for a partner. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.