Risk disclosure

Risk disclosure

Given that BDFX has entered into an over-the-counter (“OCT”) foreign exchange agreement with its signatory (“Customer”), Customer approves, understands and agrees on:

1.Transactions are speculative and risky

Forex trading (FX trading) is extremely speculative, (a) willing to include economic, legal and other risks, and (b) significantly exceed margins or deposits. Only suitable for customers who have the financial resources to undertake the loss. Forex is not a good place to invest in a retirement fund. The customer understands the above risks, is willing to take the risk of foreign exchange trading, has the financial power to do so, and states that even if the customer loses all the account balance, the customer's lifestyle will not change. I guarantee and agree.

2.High leverage and low margin can result in loss in a short period of time

The high leverage and low margins associated with forex can result in huge losses due to price changes in forex and cross-currency contracts. Customers should always maintain the minimum margin requirements in open positions. Customers are responsible for monitoring their account balances. Whenever the minimum margin requirement cannot be maintained, BDFX has the right to liquidate some or all of its open positions. As leverage increases, so does risk.

3.Prices, margins and valuations are done by BDFX and may differ from prices reported elsewhere.

BDFX provides trading prices, valuing customer positions and determining margin requirements. BDFX expects this price to be reasonably tied to the price available in the interbank market, but the price reported by BDFX is the price available to banks participating in the so-called interbank market or interbank market. May differ BDFX exercises considerable discretion in setting and collecting margins. BDFX is empowered to convert funds in a customer's Forex Margin Account at an exchange rate determined solely by BDFX, based on the then predominant financial market rates.

4.Telephone order and immediate execution

The fulfillment of market orders through the BDFX Trading Desk will be completed when BDFX notifies you of a "Trade" or "End". At that time, the customer has finished purchasing or selling the market order and cannot cancel the market order. By placing a market order through the BDFX Trading Desk, the customer agrees to such a prompt and accepts the risk of this prompt.

5.Market Recommended Products are Informal, Customers Make Voluntary Judgments, BDFX is Neither Customer's Advisor nor Trustee

The market recommended products provided by BDFX are not sales proposals or sales proposals for foreign exchange contracts and cross currency contracts. It is the customer's own discretion to conclude a contract, make decisions about other transactions with BDFX, and make decisions about whether a contract or other transaction is appropriate and reasonable for the customer. BDFX is neither a client advisor nor a fiduciary service. BDFX is not obligated to accept any liability, claims or damages related to actions taken or not taken by Customer based on the customer's compliance with BDFX's transaction recommendations or the recommendations or information provided by BDFX. The customer agrees that there is no obligation and no liability for costs and expenses (including attorney costs).

6.Recommendations are based on personal opinion and are not guaranteed

BDFX market recommended products are based solely on the judgment of BDFX personnel. This market recommendation may or may not match the market position or intentions of BDFX, its affiliates and employees. BDFX market recommended products are based on information that is believed to be reliable, but guarantees that they are accurate or complete, and that such recommendations reduce or eliminate the risks inherent in forex. BDFX cannot and does not guarantee that it will be possible.

7.No central market or clearing house payment guarantee

Each contract is a direct contract between BDFX and the customer. There is no clearing house and there is no guarantee of the other party for BDFX's obligation to pay the customer. Customers should only look to BDFX for the performance of all contracts in their account and the return of margins or collateral.

8.No profit guarantee

Forex transactions are not guaranteed to be profitable and will not eliminate losses. Customers do not receive such guarantees from BDFX or from any of the BDFX salespeople. Customers are aware of the risks inherent in Forex and have the financial resources to withstand these risks and tolerate the losses incurred.

9.Customers may not be able to close open positions

Depending on market conditions and other circumstances, BDFX may not be able to close the customer's position at the level specified by the customer, but the customer agrees that BDFX will not be held liable if it does not.

10.Third party agent

If the customer grants trading authority or the real power of the customer's account to a third party (“trading agent”), whether discretionary or non-discretionary, BDFX will provide the customer with such trading agent. We are not responsible for making any recommendations regarding selection reviews or related matters. BDFX makes no representations or warranties with respect to trading agents. BDFX is not responsible for customer losses caused by the actions of trading agents. In addition, BDFX does not implicitly or explicitly endorse or approve the way a trading agent operates. If the customer empowers the trading agent to exercise the rights to the account, the customer empowers the agent at his own risk. Customers should diligently scrutinize the activities of all accounts, even if the signer authorizes the trading agent.

11.Internet transactions

BDFX, a customer, when the customer is trading online (via the internet) because BDFX does not control the signal power, its reception, or routing over the internet, the customer's equipment settings, or the reliability of the connection. Claims, losses, damages, caused directly or indirectly by the outage or failure of a transmission system, communication system, computer facility, or trading software, whether in the market, or in a payment or clearing system. BDFX is not responsible for any costs or costs (including legal fees).

12.Phone order

BDFX is not responsible for telephone line disruptions, malfunctions, or failures.

13.Estimate error

In the unlikely event of a quote typo or a quote error due to a quote error given by phone and / or electronic means (including responding to customer requests), BDFX will result in an account balance. We are not responsible for any errors you make and reserve the right to make any necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant account. Disputes arising from such estimation errors will be resolved based on the fair market price of the relevant currency at the time of the error, determined by BDFX alone. If the prevailing market price is different from what BDFX offers on the screen, BDFX will do everything in its power to try to trade at or near the prevailing market price. This prevailing market price is the cost that is ultimately reflected in the customer statement. This may or may not adversely affect the customer's realized gains / losses and non-realized gains / losses.