privacy policy

Your personal information is our priority

BDFX strives to protect all personal information provided to us by our valued customers. This privacy policy describes how we process and protect personal information collected from individuals who apply for or receive our products and services. The provisions of this notice will be provided not only to current customers, but also to past customers.

Reasons and methods for collecting personal information

When you apply for or maintain an account with BDFX, we evaluate your financial position, process your requests and transactions, and provide you with information on products and services that you may be interested in. We collect your personal information for business purposes, such as providing customer service.
The personal information we collect includes:

Information sharing

As permitted by applicable law, we may share the above personal information for business purposes, such as providing services to your account and providing you with new product and service information. Shared information for marketing purposes is limited to the information mentioned above, such as name, address, and account information.
In order to support the financial products and services we provide to our customers, we may share the above personal information with third-party service providers not affiliated with us and co-marketers, such as:
Financial services institutions with which we have joint marketing agreements, such as marketing agreements for financial services or products that we jointly provide, approve, or invest in (eg advisors, dealers, brokers, trust companies, banks).
Companies that have entered into service implementation contracts on our behalf, such as the creation and posting of transaction reports and confirmations, or vendors that provide electronic Blue Dragon data processing, computer software maintenance and development, processing, and marketing services. These companies represent us.
This company on our behalf is obliged to keep your personal information confidential. We may also disclose personal information to unrelated companies and regulatory agencies as permitted or required by applicable law. For example, we may work with regulatory agencies and law enforcement agencies to disclose personal information to protect our rights and property, as necessary, in accordance with subpoenas or other official requests. Except as provided in this privacy policy, unless you state how to use such information when disclosed to us or obtain your permission, you may use it for other purposes. We do not use personal information.

Access and review of your personal information

We strive to keep our customer files complete and accurate. You have reasonable access to our information about you. Most of this information is contained in the statement of accounts you receive from us and in the application you submit to acquire our products and services. We ask that you review this information and let us know if you are confident that it is the latest corrected information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your personal information or this privacy notice, please contact us.